Getting started

Nokron is a Typescript framework desgined for building scalable and robust Node.js applications. It is built on top of Express.js and provides a set of features that make it easy to build web applications, APIs, and more. It's architecture is inspired by ASP.NET Core and is designed to incorporate the same principles with use of controllers, dependency injection, and middleware to create a powerful and flexible framework.

The first introductory chapters of the documentation should give you a short surface-level introduction to Nokron and it's purpose. For a full API reference, see the API Reference (coming soon) or the source code.


Before getting started with Nokron, you should ensure that you have the following installed:

To check if you have Node.js and NPM installed, run the following commands in your terminal:

node -v
npm -v

If you see a version number, you have Node.js and NPM installed. If you don't, you can download them from the links above.


Nokron is written in Typescript, a superset of Javascript that adds type safety and other features to Javascript. Typescript is a compiled language, which means that it must be compiled into Javascript before it can be run.

Typescript also adds a few new features to Javascript, such as decorators, which are heavily relied on by Nokron to provide dynamic functionality, such as dependency injection. If you are not familiar with Typescript, you should read the Typescript Handbook to get a better understanding of the language. If you're already familiar with Javascript, you should be able to pick up Typescript fairly quickly and we can asure you that it is worth it ❤️.

If setting up and using Typescript might be overwhelming for you, you can try using some of our example projects, which can be copied and run with minimal to no configuration. You can find these example projects in the source code here. You can also follow the instructions in the next chapter to create a new Nokron project.


Nokron is designed to be a framework that can be used to build any type of application, from simple APIs to complex web applications. It is designed to be flexible and modular, allowing you to use only the features you need and to extend it with your own custom functionality. It is also designed to be easy to use and to get started with, so that you can start building your application as quickly as possible. To achieve this, Nokron uses a few key concepts:

  • Controllers
  • Dependency Injection
  • Middleware

All of these concepts are explained in detail in subsequent chapters of the documentation.